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Like a Boss is a brand that focuses on creating opportunities for Black Owned Businesses. We do this through ways of connecting/networking, creating exposure through media opportunities, and providing courses that promote leveling up for the entrepreneur and aspiring entrepreneur. 


Our Media outlets include:

Like a Boss Magazine

Like a Boss Podcast

Like a Boss Directory via our Like a Boss App


One of the biggest challenges in as a black business owner is the lack of consistent support. Lack of support from black customers and other black owned is one of the harshest realities. Other races support their own as part of their lifestyle, it’s already understood. But black businesses have to actively campaign for financial and emotional support. 


The goal of Like a Boss brand is to move against that challenge. We do that by creating awareness and positive exposure to our black owned businesses by utilizing the media outlets mentioned above. 


I wanted to take a moment to tell you about our app and how it benefits you as a Black Business Owner. Like a Boss is launching our app on

August 12, 2019! The app will house all media avenues for Like a Boss, as well as create a space for Business owners to connect on the go!


What you will find in the app:

Business Directory: This directory will have location information for Black Owned Businesses in your area. 

-When you are out and want to eat, open the app to see what Black Owned Restaurants are near you.

-Wanna shop? Open the app and find out what Black Owned Boutiques are in your direct location.

…. and so on


***Black Owned Businesses receive free inclusion in September 2019 Business Directory. It's only $10 a month after that or $100 a year (save $20). Cancel anytime. Information must be submitted by August 25, 2019. Contact us for more information.


Member Wall: Connect and socialize with other members and business owners. Share your stories, photos, and thought throughout the day on the Like a Boss Mobile App Wall. Also connect to your other social media platforms.


Podcast & Magazine: The Like a Boss Podcast and Magazine have a special section on the Like a Boss app. Stay updated on news and entertainment directly from the app.

*** Want to have your podcast featured on Like a Boss or interested in being featured in Like a Boss Magazine? Contact us for details.


Shop til you Drop: Conveniently shop Like a Boss gear right from your mobile device. 

***Wanna offer your clothing or products on the Like a Boss app? Contact us for details.


Events: Stay updated on events in your area from the Like a Boss App Events tab.

***Also feature your events on the app. Contact us for details.

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